Product ranges

  • Laundry additives
    Laundry additives Laundry additives
  • Insect control
    Insect control Insect control
  • Household cleaners
    Household cleaners Household cleaners
  • Aircare
    Aircare Aircare
  • Others
    Others Others
  • Shoecare
    Shoecare Shoecare
  • Polishers
    Polishers Shoecare

Within our laundry care range we offer a wide variety of products with one common promiss; to deliver an outstanding result and simplify the laundry tasks. The range consists of pre-treaters to remove stains, in-wash solutions from whiteners to laundry sheets and post-wash solutions such as dryer sheets and iron sprays.

A safe domestic environment is free of insects. We offer a range of natural & safe insect control solutions which are highly effective. The products are specifically designed for indoor use. Most common within this range are the discrete insect glue-traps & mice baits. The range is extended by specific garden solutions.

Our range of household care cleaners consists of specific furniture care solutions. Furniture often requires a specific treatment with polishes, waxes & oils. The range is completed with specific kitchen solutions for RVS/INOX, Ceramic hob, abrasive cleaners & drain cleaners.

Air care is often associated with adding fragrances. Often the solution is found in removing bad odours rather than masking them. We offer specific solutions to remove bad odours in the domestic environment.

We are your partner for all specific home care solutions. Our assortment also covers products in the field of glass cleaners, septic maintenance, shoe polishes and plant care solutions.

Who we are

Brands & More is your supplier for smart homecare solutions. We have a large expertise in the European home care market with many years of experience. Brands & More offers a wide range of home care products that simplifie the life of consumers. We distinguish ourselves by being a flexible & reliable partner to our clients and our key aim is to make better business and to create category growth.

With our expertise in the home care market we can advise our clients about interesting consumer trends and offer relevant innovative solutions that add value to the lifes of consumers.

We are able to supply private label solutions & exclusive fancy labels with a European scope.